More than one reason for a City Break in Timișoara

TIMISOARA CITY BREAK – Our City Break & Weekend Packages: 

2 nights half board. The package includes:

  • accommodation 5* rooms
  • dinner

Price/person in double room: 100 EUR

Price/person in single room: 150 EUR


      • transfer to/from airport  – hotel 15 EUR / way
      • city guide – 25 EUR (2 hours)
      • boat tour – 30 EUR max 2 persons
      • Parking place just across the hotel 12 EUR / day
      • Additional bed 17 EUR

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How many reasons would you actually need to just hop in your car or catch a quick flight and visit the city of Timișoara?

You may know it as the city of the Romanian revolution, the first city in entire Europe electrically illuminated, also known as Little Vienna etc. our city has so many little charming secrets, you simply have to allow yourself the pleasure of discovering them.

Let’s have an October city-break in Timișoara. It is close and at hand and it sure is safe!

1. The Parks – natural pleasure

Did you know that there are at least 32 parks in Timișoara? No wonder it’s been called City of the Parks ????. Whether you travel with your kids (or without), a visit to Children’s Park is a must. It’s a lot of fun for kids of all ages and it’s also the best place for you to really enjoy a chill out space in the middle of the city’s urban nature. Its spectacular toys will move anyone, no matter the age! Head nice and slowly – Banat style – along the riverbank, either walking or riding a bicycle, for as long as you can, seeing that the bicycle lane, the longest in Romania – 37 km, reaches all the way to the Serbian border.

2. Bars, restaurants, bodegas

It’s unlikely however that you will reach the border, as you will probably be too tempted to stop at one of the terraces and restaurants (I haven’t counted them, but I swear they’re more than 20) on river’s bank. A fresh fruit lemonade or a crafted beer, to your taste. The music is for all (good) tastes and you’ll find the garçons working around in a very slow, but kind and joyful pace. As all things move in Banat

And given that our nation’s joy is pretty contagious, you can then head up towards Piața UniriiUnirii Square – in the evening, a place that is part of the old town, with a diverse, unique and alive setting. Just like its nightlife and the people living it. The most beautiful plaza in Romania (for real), now an entire pedestrian zone, with boutiques, clubs, bars and restaurants, keen to keep you stay up till morning. It’s like Regent’s Street, but baroque! I also recommend you to have the morning-after-dark coffee in the same area (Piața Unirii has at least 8 coffee shops with true specialty coffee culture).

3. Museums and unforgettable places

Once there’s caffeine in you bloodstream you can take a tour of the Art Museum, placed right in the heart of Piața Unirii. The building is monumental, with an extraordinary architectural value. Its collections, as well, ranging from Corneliu Baba’s paintings to contemporary European art and graphics. The Museum holds temporary exhibitions at all times – usually contemporary and modern art pieces. If you’re still thirsty for art, the Theresia Bastion – the largest preserved piece of defensive wall of the Austrian-Hungarian fortress – holds unique little art galleries with outstanding collections and art performances… surprise yourself! The Museum of the Banat Village is also a pure delight. The outdoor museum in the Green Forest area is very rustic, holding  some of the most spectacular original houses and farmsteads, dating back to the mid 19th-century. And if it’s the weekend and. you’re luck, you might pop straight into a thematic festival.
Unmissable, and I repeat, UNMISSABLE: the Communist consumer museum. Placed in the location of Scârț, a chill little bar where you can have a drink or brunch before or after your visit to the museum. The museum is absolutely delicious: ceramic figurines, vinyls, books, RPTVs, all items found in any household of Romanian families during back in the 80s, neatly organised on shelves and credenzas, as we so much loved it, 30-40 years ago. The feelings during and after the visit to the museum are multiple and contradictory: from melancholy to despise, from amusement to anger. It’s a pity to deprive yourself from something like that!

4. Outdoor

In case museums mean nothing to you, I will let you know that a city break in Timișoara is worth it even only for a walk in the city. A lot of green areas for the people who love nature: over 550 hectares!

For the architecture-oriented types, a walk on one of the (at least) 5 alternative routes from the Cetate (Citadel) Neighborhood to Piața Iosefin (Iosefin Square), will give you the opportunity to admire diverse architectural styles, that give the city an eclectic appearance, influenced by styles such as Viennese baroque, to Secession and Art Nouveu, Italian renaissance and Byzantin. If you still feel like taking a (much) guided tour of the city,  Timișoara Guided Tours are the most competent people in the city for the job.

5. Mi casa es su casa

Hotel Timișoara, placed in Piața Victoriei (Victoriei Square), right next to the Opera House, with a view to the Metropolitan Cathedral offers great and comfortable options in an era when time is our greatest virtue of them all!

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